Welcome!  On this site you shall find information about what I have to offer as an artist and teacher, as well as keeping up to date with events such as exhibitions and art trails.  You may also wish to use the site to look out for special offers on new artworks before they go to galleries.  You can contact me through this site regarding anything from little questions about your own artwork, to bigger queries regarding tuition and commissions.  I look forward to hearing from you, and hope you enjoy your time here.



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2 Replies to “Home”

  1. Hi Sarah I’ve just dropped all my bags on the pavement will return joy walking around your van this is just stunning Four Seasons I’m an outdoor educator so my dream will be to have a double decker bus to take kids out into the Wild paint it exactly how you’ve painted your bus absolutely superb I only wish I had the spare money to employ you to paint something in my family home or to get you into schools to do some art projects if you want to call me with some ideas of things you’ve done before I’m on 0**********
    PS I recommend putting some pictures of your van on your website or maybe a short video I’d be happy to help shoot that


    1. Hi Tom! I’m enjoying the image in my head of you dropping bags on the pavement and looking around the van. It is actually my friend’s van and I painted it for her, so I imagine you are in her neck of the woods. Soon she and the van will be off having adventures. You can follow her on instagram @trektradewinds if you’re interested. We are all big into outdoor adventure.
      Wow, an outdoor educator! What sort of things do you teach? I love camping out; last year I did one of Ray Mears’ courses and after having bivvied out under a tarp for a week, it took me ages to get out of the blues of having to sleep in a normal bed, cook with an oven, get water from a tap, and have showers in boring bathrooms without any frogs. Actually I still miss it.
      I do have a blog post on my website with images of the van, plus some in the section which says ‘previous commissions’ under ‘gallery’. If it isn’t obvious or coming up, let me know, and I will tinker with the website. I also have a YouTube video (link below) explaining the process, and you can see the van go from bright orange to a cool mural. You could just search ‘Sarah Miles Art Studio’ in YouTube and find it. I think you are right; I should put a video on the website too; I shall sort that later. The design for the mural was inspired by the owner’s interests, and so is very personal to her. She is the snowboarder on the bonnet!

      I realise commissions and art can burn a hole in the bank account, and yet it is unique, personal, time consuming stuff, and (if we are very lucky) could become an investment! That would be something, if years from now someone finds a Sarah Miles in the attic (or the garage perhaps) and unexpectedly makes a fortune. What a happy day that would be. However, I do love commissions (particularly challenging ones) and making them personal to the client, so where possible I try to work with clients and within budgets. I have had some enquiries about painting vans and cars, and to make it cheaper, some are just thinking of getting their bonnets painted, or with simpler designs! I’m not trying to persuade you to do anything, Tom, just want to be clear that I do try my best to share my art with people who enjoy and appreciate it!
      I am currently based in Warwickshire, but if you still think I can help with art projects for you or your community let me know. If it is a one off or really cool project, I am most likely willing to travel. If it is to teach art lessons in schools or to adult art groups, at this time, it would need to be within my area.

      So lovely to hear from you! Thanks for looking me up on the internet. Please feel free to share the website, or any of my media platforms, with your friends and family; it always helps so much. Can’t rely on Instagram algorithms these days unfortunately.

      Hope to hear from you again! Your work as an outdoor educator sounds great. It is important to love what you do, I think. Of course, we all have different motivations though.



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