Help our Hospitals!

To all my followers and readers,

Today I met up with ice hockey goalie Daz Bryan, and talked about the upcoming event #SummerSmash2016.  


21st August 2016, with match starting at 7pm at Ice Sheffield Arena.

It was around Christmas time last year that Daz had an idea to do a charity event for Weston Park Hospital and Cancer Charity, prompted by some personal bereavements.  Being an ice hockey nut, he decided to get his team involved, and put on an ice hockey game at Ice Sheffield Arena.  They will be playing against their biggest rival team from Nottingham.

It was completely by accident I found out about this.  It was a Sunday, and found that my car had had a puncture.  The only place open to fix it was Kwik-Fit in Chesterfield.  So I left the car there, and then went for some breakfast at No 10 Tearoom.  A great little tearoom by the way.  When at my table, I noticed a flyer propped up against the stand, advertising that the tearoom manager was going to be playing at Ice Sheffield for a charity event.  I immediately thought of my ice hockey linos, wouldn’t it be great to sell them at this event?  I could do some Nottingham ones as well, and half the profits could go to the charity!  Also, free PR (no, I’m not ashamed to admit that and we were all thinking it).

A little while later, I spoke to the manager of No 10 Tearoom, and was given the organiser’s number (Daz).  A few days later I had secured a new commission for linos of their logo (a dinosaur in ice hockey gear), and I now affectionately refer to these original prints as the Lino Dinos.

Summer smash wrapped and mounted.jpg

These prints are available on my Etsy Shop (go to ‘Buy’ link and I shall send the art to you), or you can buy them on the day at the event!  A great idea might be to get them signed at the event too.

In addition, my other ice hockey art will be available to buy at the event, as well as at my Etsy shop.  Currently, I am working on a Nottingham Panther inspired design.  Obviously there is still a lot to do to it.


There are also ice hockey jerseys, pucks, and many other things available at the event.  No ticket purchases are required, you can just donate at the door.

Please come along, or support by making any purchases on lino prints through my shop, or by sending donations to: 

Thanks everyone.  Please share this with people you know who either live in Sheffield or Nottingham, or just loves ice hockey.  🙂

P.S. At some point, I will post the final prints of my ice hockey art for the event.  I shall also explain how to make lino art, if you ever wish to try it.

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