Finding Inspiration in Cyprus

When out and about, always take a camera – you never know what you’ll find.  Holidays are a great opportunity to inspire new artwork, or add to something you’re currently working on (I often find).

Last week I was in Athens, and just before that Cyprus.  Both offered some new ideas.


Whilst in Cyprus, we visited a small waterfall, which worked for me as I was already working on a waterfall painting (Bridge Over Trolled Water) and was wondering what to do for vegetation around my painting.  I was struck by the tree roots and ivy snaking over the rocks, and added this to my painting back at home.

There were many other things to inspire, including amphitheatres, Roman mosaics, and ancient ruins.  I love exploring old places.

Apart from as a teaching idea, I don’t have any other ideas just yet inspired by mosaics.  Quite often though, I dream up a new creation and it is somehow influenced by something I have seen before.  I don’t always immediately realise what has given me that image in my head.


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