Sarah’s artwork is inspired by lore and/ or our beautiful natural world.  She is especially fascinated with the origins of fairy tales and any lore that involves strange monsters!


In preparation to starting a ‘Lore’ painting, Sarah spends many hours reading and researching stories, and listens to podcasts such as her favourites: ‘The Myths and Legends’ by Jason Weiser and ‘Lore’ podcast by Aaron Mahnke from which she gets much of her inspiration.

Here are a couple of popular paintings from Sarah’s Lore series: Bridge Over Trolled Water and Kipling’s Jungle.

final 1
Bridge Over Trolled Water

Bridge Over Trolled Water is Sarah’s personal favourite of the Lore series so far.  Initially Sarah thought it wouldn’t be at all popular with the public, due to a troll taking up half the painting. Can’t see it?  Keep looking!  He is half the painting! However Sarah has found monsters being hidden in plain sight has been a big hit, with followers asking for more like this.

Watch the Blog and Gallery… there are more lore monsters coming, hiding in our beautiful natural world!




Kipling’s Jungle



Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’ was the inspiration behind this painting which measures 1 metre by 0.8 metres, and took around 150 hours to paint plus many hours of reading and planning.


Landscapes and Nature

Sarah also loves the natural world, and enjoys to paint landscapes that have a magical or fantastical edge to them.  Below is an example named ‘Moonlit Sea’, just completed and still in the painting book in this photo!


To see more of Sarah’s work, check out the Gallery page on this website.  To see what is available to buy now, go to Available Artwork.

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