Watching Mermaid

Watching Mermaid is the first in the ‘Lore Art’ series.  It was even my first oil painting!  You may be able to spot the progression of my style from then to later oil paintings such as ‘Kipling’s Jungle’, but despite this, Watching Mermaid has still been a favourite among people (ladies in particular) who love … More Watching Mermaid

The Experiments

In a bid to develop my style, I am trying out various mediums and techniques to see if any might suit my way of working and my visions.  I intend to film the successes and failures of all these sessions exploring these ideas.  In January 2015 I started trialling oil paints, and very quickly decided … More The Experiments

Am I a Failure?

There is quite a bit going around from teachers, ex teachers, students, and parents about the education system.  Am I pushing my kids too hard?  Am I not pushing them hard enough?  What if I don’t get 10 A*s, will I be a failure?  If my class don’t get these grades, I might get sacked! … More Am I a Failure?

Was 2016 all bad?

On the face of it, 2016 was a shocking year, particularly in the world of celebrities where many of them seemed to be dropping like flies.  My husband says statistically it probably does make sense; the celebrity world is huge, and many of them didn’t look after themselves when they were younger.  Despite that possibly … More Was 2016 all bad?