After having been asked to illustrate before, I am now in a position to take on illustrative work! I am currently working on a children’s book with 12 full paged illustrations and cover, with more exciting projects on the way. You can also find my work on

All my illustrations are hand drawn and/ or painted, and are sensitively considered to match your book and own style. In initial discussions, we will talk about the style and medium that you would like your final illustrations to be in, as well as the size, layout, and general mood you’d like to convey. I work closely with the author and publishers, sending regular updates of progress, which helps with communicating ideas and getting them right the first time.

For a 32 paged children’s book with full colour illustrations, authors and publishers can expect to be charged around £2000, which includes: pencil sketches, colour sketches, and the final image of each illustration. This is subject to contract, and can be negotiated depending on the types of illustration ie pencil drawings, paintings, full colour, size, detail, amount of research required etc.

If you’re interested in having me work with you on your own project as an illustrator, please send me an email at Tell me a bit about yourself and your project!