New Releases

‘The Woodland Badgers’ is part of a new series of Woodland Wildlife Watercolours that I’m working on. I started again with watercolours as a medium, after being asked to teach it by many of my students. So having not really worked with them much since I was 12, I spent summer of 2019 practising and learning from other artists. I went to workshops and read books that focused on styles and subjects that interested me. The Woodland Wildlife series started with me painting a demo for a group, and I had decided to paint an owl. I enjoyed the process and felt like I had just found my own style for watercolours, and now that I have a baby on the way, I am thinking that watercolours will be a more practical medium to continue working with rather than oils and other messy mediums. So, you shall probably see a lot more wildlife inspired art from me, created in watercolours, and just a couple of fairy tale oil paintings each year for now. Oils are still my main love, and I won’t give them up completely!

‘Woodland Badgers’

‘The Witch’s Window’ is a mixed media piece, recently finished. It is a proud addition to the Fairy tale and Folklore artwork, made with materials such as oil paint, sand, and resin. Look out for the spider, spider webs, and the witch appearing from the smokey spell in her cauldron!

‘The Witch’s Window’