I have already shown the process of ‘The Frog King’ on YouTube and on Instagram, but as the original will soon be released to galleries, I am now officially showing it as a new release, at studio prices.

The original is classed as a mixed media piece.  The jewels of the crown are made from Pebeo Paints and modelling paste.  Gold leave has been spotted around the crown.  The foliage in the foreground has been built up with modelling paste and thick oil paint.  It is tricky to photograph, as the Pebeo paints and gold leaf appear to shift and change in different lights.  The texture and and effects of the Pebeo and gold leaf come to life when viewing this painting in person.

The canvas measures 11×14 inches, and with the gold frame (which sets it off brilliantly) it measures just over 14×17 inches.

The Frog King in gold frame copy

The artwork is inspired by the Brothers Grimm story of ‘The Frog King’, also known as ‘Iron Heinrich’ or more commonly ‘The Frog Prince’.  In my interpretation, my painting depicts the moment after the witch has turned the King into a frog, imagining that his crown has fallen to the ground in front of the well (sometimes a spring) whilst in the process of transforming into a small frog.  You can find out more about the story and the process of this painting on my YouTube channel.

If you’re interested in snapping up the original before it goes to galleries or my online shop on 1st November, contact me now at: smiles-art@outlook.com to get 25% off the final price of £320.  This means you can buy this now for £240, gold frame included.


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