Here you will find ‘Studio Offers’ which are deals available to you at ‘studio prices’.  Often there will be an original painting and sometimes its limited edition giclee prints shown on offer here, before they go to a gallery and stay at ‘gallery prices’.  You may also find offers on demonstrations, workshops, and live events.

If you have bought from me before, always give me an email, in case I can work out a special deal for you as a VIP Collector.  

To claim or find out about offers, email me at:

‘The Frog King’

Original, mixed media, framed painting 25% off until 1st November.

At the moment there is a 25% discount off the original ‘The Frog King’ until 1st November 2018, when it is due to go to a gallery and be posted on my online shop for its full price.  The final price will be £320, but it is available to you now for just £240, plus free shipping (in the UK).  It comes in a gold frame which I have found works best with this particular painting.

To learn more about the offer and the painting, go to ‘New Releases’ on this website.

The Frog King in gold frame copy

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