Artist at Cheltenham Bride & Groom Show

Tomorrow (Sunday 13th January 2019, 11am-3pm), I shall be at the Cheltenham Bride and Groom Show, held at the Cheltenham Town Hall (GL50 1QA). Over the last couple of years, I have had a great variety of commissions and also gained experience painting live at demonstrations, exhibitions, in lessons to my students, and other events. Continue reading “Artist at Cheltenham Bride & Groom Show”

What’s Happened to Art in Schools?

It has been put to me by two head teachers in the last few months: why don’t you run some CPD training for Primary Schools in the area? When the curriculum and expectations changed a few years ago, many schools quite understandably panicked and went to the extreme teaching double Maths, double English, with extraContinue reading “What’s Happened to Art in Schools?”

Teaching Art

At the end of July 2018 I finished a full year teaching Art to children ages 4-11 years old at a large primary school in Coventry.  Teaching children with a range of ages and abilities doesn’t faze me; it is one of my favourite things about supply teaching when I do it.  However, coming upContinue reading “Teaching Art”

Watching Mermaid

Watching Mermaid is the first in the ‘Lore Art’ series.  It was even my first oil painting!  You may be able to spot the progression of my style from then to later oil paintings such as ‘Kipling’s Jungle’, but despite this, Watching Mermaid has still been a favourite among people (ladies in particular) who loveContinue reading “Watching Mermaid”