Dear VIP Collector,

Thank you for having used my services as an artist at least once before, or for just owning a piece of my work in your home or work space!  This is how you know whether or not you qualify as a collector, but if you’re unsure, I can check against my sales records.

Are you aware that you are eligible for special offers, invitations, the odd deal on a commission, and a number of other possibilities?  By emailing me at: with your permission for me to contact you, you will be the first to know about these things… otherwise you will have to rely on checking this page for offers.

It is my wish to show you appreciation for supporting me with my work; if it wasn’t for you and other collectors, I would not be able to paint and teach as I do everyday.  The main way I aim to do this is by offering you new artworks (prints and originals) with up to 35% off before they are officially released and go to exhibitions and galleries.  There will be a two week period when you can grab an artwork that equally grabs you, before it moves on and is stuck on its final price there after.

So look out for my new releases (coming soon with a sneaky peek on this page’s featured image), which I shall share here with you; or send me an email so I can make sure you never miss out!

Wishing you a splendid day,

Sarah Miles  x



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